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Where and when does the parade start?

10:30 am on Sunday 15th March at the corner of Hickson Road and George Street

Where is the best place to view the parade?

The opportune place to view the parade is on George Street in The Rocks. We advise arriving early as the viewing spots will be closed off when full.

How long will the parade last?

The parade will last approx. 45mins.

Who can take part in the parade?

The parade is open to all Organisations and we also have a dedicated section to Children. Check out the parade application form for more details.

How do I register my child to walk in the parade?

You can register your child by filling in the form here. 

Welcome to Country | Smoking Ceremony 


Main Stage

Cara Kavanagh


Main Stage

Celtic Tones


Main Stage

Rebecca Harkin


Main Stage

The Bottlers


Main Stage

Green Jam


Main Stage

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